Looking for the latest software developer resources? You have come to the right place, Whether you're just starting out or are a promising entity, no matter where you stand in the business cycle, you can rely on us to meet your customer’s requirements and your own IT requirements too. We provide a comprehensive range of services from feasibility studies to complete developments from Project Management and Strategy Planning through to system design and development and Implementation.

Our practices combine the functional expertise and application technology know-how to deliver solutions that fit your unique business requirements. By closing the gaps between the standard package functionality and your business processes and then integrating with your existing application systems, you optimize your investment and minimize your business risks.

We offer Customized Application development to atomize your manual operation in order to reduce on human errors, operation time and cost. Client server Applications, Standalone applications, Port to port communication software for capturing and analyzing real time data, Centralized data base managements etc. are a few things in which we have delivered successful solutions. Whether you are just starting out or are a promising entity, no matter where you stand in the business cycle, you can rely on us to meet your customer’s requirements and your own IT requirements too.

Our software solutions are caters your main objective of your project guidelines and we will make sure to deliver maximum satisfactory & results to your organisation.

Sector Expertise!


Investments and securities




Stock exchanges


Supply Chain Management

Banking and Finance

Health Care

Travel Industry



* Customized desktop applications for small and medium sized organizations

* Software outsourcing jobs taken up on off shore/on site basis

* Internet / Intranet based application

* Client server application

* Real time Port to port communication software for Manufacturing Industries

Technical Expertise

* Operational Systems: Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95

* Languages / IDE: Visual Studio Enterprise (Visual C++, Visual Basic), .Net

* Database Access: MS Jet, ODBC, ADO, DAO

* Internet /Intranet Technologies: ASP, ASP.Net, Scripting Languages

* Documentation and Design: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Director

RCS Inc gives proven solutions at all times. Our success stems from:

* Winning combination of effective management and strong technical skills.

* Superior educational level which makes it possible to deliver complex ready-to-market solutions.

* Strong management team with substantial experience in serving global clients.

* Staff comprising of skilled IT specialists.

* Wide range of technical skills, Sound quality, competitive cost and rapid delivery provide excellent value.

* A proven and demonstrable track record of success.

Which help organisation to output their services or product to their client base in a uniform way as well as to their internal staff to organise company information in a structured manner. These portals every information sources have its own dedicated area, on the page for displaying information, internal or external user can organize which ones to show.
These web applications varied according the their each organisation needs. But main objectives of all business applications are to increase company revenue, reduce processing time and cut down overheads. This will eventually benefit client by getting smoother online process, easy access. Same way organisations can focus more on quality of the product or the service rather than worrying about the business process, since we will be automating given process through a controlled web application by applying organisation business logics.
Our web developers in India mainly use technology such as JAVA, Microsoft.NET and PHP, each of this technology got their own advantages and disadvantages. We will be analyse each and every development as new project to cater to each organisation need first before we advice you which technology is best for you.
All our software applications are going through vigorous testing and quality control process before us signing off any software development project.
This is to make sure your have ongoing software maintenance and support for any modification and for any adds ones to the existing application which we develop. We can even allocated a dedicated team or a developer according to your future needs.
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